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  • Hello :0)

    Hi...I thought it was about time I got my act together and posted a little message on here having been recruited by size4riggerboots several weeks ago.

    I am also a girly studying the Foundation Degree route at Fleetwood and I'm nearly at the end of my academics (final exams in two weeks...eeek!). I've then got one more year at sea before my orals.

    I'm a little older than the average cadet (although I stopped counting after 25) and I'm ex-Royal Navy. I work for Gardline Geosurvey so I spend most of my seatime taking pictures of the bottom of the North Sea.

    I will confess that I'm not great at this forum/internet thingy but I will attampt to log on regularly and assist with any questions.

    Hopefully chat again soon, Deb

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    Re: Hello :0)

    Hewow =]

    To boldly go.....
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      Re: Hello :0)

      Good to see someone else whose recruited by Gardline also. Can I pick your brains and ask what Gardline are like as a company, from your experience and what sort of stints at sea you've done?

      Starting in Sept at Warsash and cannot wait to crack on! I hear Gardline are one of the more generous companies in terms of allowance, sorting you out etc.



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        Jsamp are you with Gardline? I'm with Gardline starting in sept at Warsash