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    hi all, my name is craig,
    i've worked at sea since 1992 officially, although i have done pleasure trips at sea on fishing boats with my father since i was 6 years old. i currently work on emergency response and rescue vessels in the north sea and have done so since 1992. i am interested in learning different peoples expieriences in the merch on various types of vessels. i am currently revising for my chief mate's ticket, limited to 3000t unlimited area. i would love to hear from people going for the same ticket who could give me some pointers lol, and also cadets who are going for there first coc, i will genuinly help where i can ( please ignor my use of spelling and english lmao) hope to hear from you guy's soon

    in the north sea getting battered

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    Hey there craig! Welcome.

    Looking forward to hearing something of your work. Sounds like an interesting area to be in

    To boldly go.....
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      Hi Craig,

      Welcome to the forum and good luck in your endeavours. I did a trip as Chief Mate on the ERRV's not so long back and was a very different experience, pretty tough on the North Sea in winter, good work to be in though.