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Hello everybody!

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  • Hello everybody!

    My name is Simon, and I'm 20yr old, (21 in january).
    After failing to listen to my dad when i was 18 to start work offshore I have now realized how stupid i was for not taking upon his offer with help.
    I have just got made redundant last monday and decided its a right time to concentrate on what my family has always been into.
    As my father said : I started 22years ago, banging a hammer on a wall with no further reason, and now I sit in the office writing all health and safety stuff and get paid awesome money. (hes a health and safety director).
    So as of 19th of december I am going to do all ''start up'' training's :
    IMO 1.19
    IMO 1.13
    IMO 1.14
    IMO 1.21
    IMO 1.23
    Which I am planning on doing in Poland as it's about 198237152837 times cheaper than UK, after Im hoping to do tanker familiarization training and then take on the advanced training, as of what my old man said Pay is better on wet cargo rather than dry cargo.
    The reason I have joined this forum is to find help(if needed) and to read some stories about life offshore.

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    Welcome simon,

    Thanks for joining. Don't be a stranger!


    To boldly go.....
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      simon, you are highly welcomed.
      This site is a real great site that has brought lot of seafearers together.
      We also hope to gain from you as you will also grain from us.
      Once are welcome.


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        I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

        All posts here represent my own opinion and not that of my employer.