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  • hello there

    Hello there,

    I am a chief mate on cargo ships, I am 31 and have been in the MN since I was 18. For my own personal reasons, I do not wish to specify which company I work for! But anyhow I would like to offer advice and such to anyone that asks!

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    Welcome Welcome......always useful to have senior officers around to help and advise the cadets and potential cadets

    As for not telling us which company you are with that isnt an issue and makes sense, we know that a few of the companies at least lurk around here and read the threads etc, so makes sense.

    Anyway welcome and enjoy and feel free to help out where / when you can
    Trust me I'm a Chief.

    Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
    Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
    No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

    Twitter:- @DeeChief


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      Welcome!! Thanks for joining. Don't be a stranger now

      To boldly go.....
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        Good to have you - great to see more people who can answer questions! :-)

        Hello! I'm Chris. I'm away a lot so I'm sorry if it takes me a while to reply to messages, but I promise I'll get back to everyone. If it's urgent, please email me directly at [email protected].

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