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[Insert nautical greeting] .. I'm new :)

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  • [Insert nautical greeting] .. I'm new :)

    Hello there

    My name's Bryn.. im 20 and live in North Wales. I'm trying (emphasis on the trying) to become an engineering/engine cadet - and have been given the address to this site by my brother who's trying to get into the deck side.

    At the moment, I've got an interview with SSTG down at their office's in Rochester, Kent - on Friday 30th (yes that is only a few days away now!) and I would like to know if anyone could tell me what to expect? I had an interview with Maersk a few weeks ago up in Newcastle, but was told there were no spaces left for this year (I did apply in 2009.. but i was too late at the time), and that had a brief introduction to the company, a psychometric test and then the face to face interviews. Is SSTG going to be much different? For one thing, I haven't read anything about psychometric tests , which in my mind is a good thing

    Apart from SSTG, I've applied to Shell and BP, have yet to hear from Shell and BP have sent me a form to fill in with further information, prior to a character assessment task of some sort's and phone interviews I've got a portfolio of sorts made up for the SSTG interview, and the other tidbits they asked me to bring.

    Any help or advice is much appreceated Many thanks!

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    Re: [Insert nautical greeting] .. I'm new

    I had an interview with SSTG a few months ago (Jan 10) It was very relaxed (although I'm sure you'll be nervous never none the less) and infromal, No psychometric tests or anything like that lol. My interviewer was a really nice guy. basically just asked me a few questions, reasons for wanting to go to see, how you heard about SSTG, what you would expect to achieve from the course. what do you know about diff ships, what you know about living and working at sea, what sponsering companies you know they operate with, other bits and pieces... If you've done your homework, do your prep and dress well you'll have no problem. They do most of the talking anyway. takes about 45 mins - 1 hour.

    After the interview you get a tour of the office and meet all the staff members, all of whom are very nice.


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      Re: [Insert nautical greeting] .. I'm new

      Many thanks for that.. I'm far less anxious now that I've heard all that Though I've read about SSTG on their website, seems to be pretty bog standard stuff I'll print everything off, give me something to read on the train I suppose Again, thanks for the reply!


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        Re: [Insert nautical greeting] .. I'm new

        Well, 'twas a successful interview in the end have put my name down to OOCL Ltd.. hopefully will get the paperwork through next week. I have to say, that was the most relaxed yet informative interview I've ever had.. the fellow conducting it was really helpful but not patronizing, surpassed my expectations Thanks again for the answer.