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  • Another Newbie saying hi

    Hey everyone!

    Finally decided to register after stalking around the forums for a while. I'm aiming to be in the September 2012 intake of deck cadets so getting ready to get my finger out and start making some applications, ideally would like to work on cargo ships but would be more than happy with anything at all really.

    Done the whole uni thing but more for enjoyment of the subject than any real aim of doing something with it and spent most of my uni summers scuba diving. Have been travelling and working since I graduated in a bit of a dead end job but with some awesome people. Do appreciate that my employers let me go off travelling for months at a time and then take me back but think it's high time I sorted out something more long term.

    Have to admit that I'd never really considered the Merchant Navy as a career or even knew that much until a chance conversation but after some research finally had the "that's actually what I want to do" as opposed to trying to convince myself that I want to do things when the truth is the opposite!

    Well, I think that's things in a nutshell, looking forward to chatting with you all on the forum and probably asking a fair few questions

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    Welcome Fox!

    It's a good feeling when you figure it out isn't it?! I had a similar epiphany meself

    Must stop procrastinating and go do some work now. Honest, I'm not going to go and check facebook again...


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      Hi Size4 thanks for the welcome! I know what you mean about the "epiphany" type moment when it comes to careers! Just have to hope if/when I have some interviews for cadetships that they go well


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        Hi and welcome, if you are still searching around for companies then there is a non-exhaustive list available on our wiki:

        The page itself is still somewhat under construction, however, googling any of the companies on the list should provide more detailed information on their relevant websites regarding the sponsorship that they offer.

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          Thanks H that's a really useful link. I've made a bit of a list of who I intend on applying to but it seems that by not having A level Maths/Physics there are some that wouldn't be interested from the outset (CMT?) Not sure if this is the case but certainly got that impression from some websites (?)


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            Also try

            There should be a list of companies on there. Regards the maths question your best bet would be to drop some of the companies an email and see what they say about it
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              Thanks for the link Ash, have sent a few emails, will have to see what comes of it all, if it's anything interesting I'll be sure to post it here.