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  • Hello everyone

    Excuse me if I seem nervous, but as you can expect I do feel very small when being around experienced naval officers...

    My name's Alex and I'm 17 years old, living in Britain, doing my last year of A levels, and hopefully I'm going to join (as you have probably guessed!) the merchant navy.

    I came to this site mainly for some advice and friendly tips since this is a massive choice for me. I have just got an interview with the SSTG, and I have also applied to Maersk and P&O for deck officer positions.

    I got all A grades for my GCSEs, that includes A in Maths, combined science, and English (except English literature in which I got a B) and I am studying History, Psychology and Graphic Design for my A2 levels (I did an AS in physics but my result came out rather disappointingly - I was wondering if this will affect my chances or progress?)

    I've had my mind on the navy for about 2 years now, and yes, rather embarassingly, it was cruise ships and passenger liners that got me into it - though don't get me wrong, I am perfectly open to working on cargo ships and oil tankers and all the hundreds of other vessels out there!

    Fleetwood college near blackpool is where I'm aiming to go, so I hope to be able to call myself a seaman within a few years!

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    Welcome, Alex... hope these forums have been helpful in helping you decide upon your future career
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      Hi Alex

      Very few of us are experienced naval officers, fear not!

      As to your question about your Physics AS dilemma, you may not be able to get onto the foundation degree because they like you to have Maths/Physics A-levels. But you'd be more than ok to get onto the HNC/D courses

      Goodluck with your SSTG interview!


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        Hi Alex, welcome!Get as many applications in as you can and make sure you know something about the companies so you can make an informed choice should you get a few offers. SSTG have a good reputation and I'm sure you'll find their interview is as much about them giving you information as it is about you answering questions. Maersk take a lot of cadets and will give you the opportunity to experience a decent variety of ship types with the backing of a company that seems to be taking over well... everything. You might also want to consider Carnival/Princess/Viking (which I'm now dubbing the "cruise trinity") and Trinity House. Good luck and keep us updated!CD
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          Thanks everyone!<BR><BR>Yes, I was worried about the physics dilemma although I looked at some of the grade outlines for the companies and I have noticed a trend of around 240 UCAS points in unspecified subjects...<BR><BR>And thanks Charlie, I have sent a form away to Carnival though they have not replied yet. Does it normally take long for large companies such as Maersk and Carnival to respond?


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            Response times vary depending where in the recruitment cycle they are, if it's been a while e-mail them a gentle reminder shows a certain keen-ness etc
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              Maersk won't look at their applications for a bit yet, since they aren't doing a jan intake it will be next september for them so it will be around xmas before they start asking people in for interviews
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                Thank you for the warm welcome everybody!

                I would just like to say that SSTG have accepted me and will offer me sponsorship next year!

                Naturally I have applied to loads of companies to keep my options open. I've really warmed to the idea of working on a big freighter! Especially after looking at some videos of them tackling heavy seas. I say bring it on!