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  • Hello! Does anyone know...

    Hi guys, cool forum btw!

    I want to apply at as many companies as I can for the January intakes (I was about a month late for the September intake, typical!).

    Clyde Marine have it open for engineering and electrotechnical, every other company I can find says closed or says nothing.

    Does anyone know of a company who is open to applicants right now?

    Also, there seems to be far more engineering opportunities. Would it be worth applying to be an engineer even if I want to go deck eventually?

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    Welcome. Not sure on which companies are open now but I can answer the engineering to deck question. The short answer is no. Basically your COC will only cover you for your chosen route (there used to be dual ones but you're best asking the old timers about them ).
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      Hi there!

      I'd have to agree with Ash on this one. If you did the 3 year cadetship and get a certificate of competency (CoC) for engineering then you'd have to do another 3 years as a deck cadet to become a deck officer.

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        If you want to be a deckie, do the deck course! Doing the engineer course will not give you any help along the way to looking out of windows. No idea who's accepting applications right now, but you'd probably be best off waiting to apply for the next intake.


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          Simple answer: start filling out application forms. If there's no forms available, write a top-notch cover letter, bundle it with your CV and post it to the companies. With everyone emailing these days, paper can get you noticed. You may not get a place for January, but you never know. If not, you'll be on the radar for September.

          Totally agree with what's been said - if you want to be a deckie, do the deck course. If you're short-sighted and go for the engineering course you'll regret it if you don't like it. You can use the time in between to get a bit of work experience.
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            Dual cadetships died out quite a while ago, even the dutch seem to have gone cold on them, but the crazy danes seem to be thinking about them.....but thats just cos they been at the Tuborg again and sill wear off soon enough!
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              Originally posted by Chiefy View Post
              .....but thats just cos they been at the Tuborg again and sill wear off soon enough!
              But what happens when the hangover from it all comes? What crazy stuff is gonna come out then...
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                I wouldn't if I were you just choose randomly what your chosen skill should be. If you want to be an engineer, be an engineer, if you want to be deckie for some unknown reason be a Deckie. Don't just grab the 1st opportunity just to go to sea. You might end up making the wrong choice and for ever want to be an engineer!

                Buts seriously. Make sure if you do join, you make the correct decision.
                Cheers and ta


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