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  • Hi Every One

    Sincerely i signed up to ask and also to know why most jobs in the UK accept only EU citizens. Most advertisement request that applicants must have a Uk CoC. I thought an IMO certified maritime university certificate from any part of the world is acceptable and can be used to work in any part of the world.

    Can someone please tell me why? Because most of these job advertisement makes feel that my Licence as a Deck officer is inferior.

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    Unfortunately for you, while the CoC is supposed to bring all seafarers to the same level of competency, the fact is that British training colleges are regarded as having pretty much the highest standards, and thus the officers they produce are considered to be the best qualified. We hear stories quite often of eastern european crew boasting to cadets that they bought their CoC, and are terrifyingly below the standard that we have been brought to expect. I'm not saying that that is always the case, and I'm sure there are many people who have worked diligently for their ticket, yourself included, but sadly these are the perceptions that the industy has.


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      Also for some jobs there are requirements for having UK or EU nationals on board (military charter or reserved status / Andrew Wier ro-ro's etc) or also have an internal requirement to suit a niche market etc.
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