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  • Canadian Salutations

    A friendly hello from across the pond.

    I've just completed my 1st year of studies and looking at landing some sea time as there appears to be an overload of available cadets here in Canada.

    As my site name will indicate I live and thrive in the engine room.

    Love the site and will be an avid poster and returning for information.

    Bilge Rat

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    Re: Canadian Salutations

    Welcome Bilge Rat


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      Re: Canadian Salutations

      welcome along
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      Adapt and over come
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        Re: Canadian Salutations

        Welcome to OC, eh!

        Are you anywhere near New Brunswick?
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          Re: Canadian Salutations

          Hey Bilge,

          where abouts in canada do you live? I lived in alberta for a few years a while ago and was just interested in where your from.


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            Re: Canadian Salutations

            @ dawg.

            As a matter of fact yes I am near New Brunswick only a few hours a way.

            Thanks for the welcome stronglead and size4riggerboots.

            I'll be back to this thread often, I gotta keep doing cold calls.


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              Re: Canadian Salutations

              @ Jmac:

              Currently living in Quebec. Been all across the country western bound. Haven't been up North or further East yet, hence going to school for marine engineering.

              How the heck are things across the pond?


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                Re: Canadian Salutations

                Things are going very well, the weather is beginning to get warmer with summer being just around the corner, I have been accepted onto a cadetship and I have almost completed my A levels so things couldnt be going much better.
                I would love to live in Canada as it was such an amazing place, you probablies dont feel the same having been there your whole life but maybe I will be able to make a move one day.
                Do you play ice hockey? it used to be my life
                How are things at your end of the pond?
                sorry for the questions but I dont often get a chance to connect with anyone from Canada anymore


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                  Re: Canadian Salutations


                  Things are going grand over here and would be much "grander" if I could find myself a cadetship for the upcoming summer. Seems like things are a bit different over there where as to a company sponsors you prior to entering your studies and isn't the case over here.

                  Ice hockey? Used to play as goalie for many years but haven't played competitive in quite some time. The Canucks are in the playoffs.

                  I'd better get back to the phone calls.

                  All the best and good luck with your cadetship.