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  • Hi

    Hi everyone,

    My name is jamie and I will be starting my deck cadetship in south tyneside this september.

    I am with pritchard-gordon tankers which I am quite excited about.

    I enjoy riding my motorbike and will be bringing it to college, so I was wondering if anyone else has a motorbike because it would be cool to have a ride out some time. If anyone goes to south tyneside do you know if there is anywhere that I can put my motorbike to keep it safe?

    Hope to see some of you soon!

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome JMac! You could write a book full of what I don't know about motorbikes, but I hope you find someone up there who can help


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      Re: Hi

      Welcome to the site JMac, have a nosey around and ask any questions you like =]

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        hi Jamie i am going to be starting my deck cadet ship at south tyneside college as well and i ride a motorbike but i will not be bringing it for a couple of months because i have not passed my test and my 250 is currently being rebuild but i will look forward to going on ride outs when i bring it up. In the joining book it says there is a area for motorbikes to be stored but other than that i am not sure.


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          There is space to store them both at the halls and on campus, although if the winter is anything like last year you wont be wanting to ride much till the sun re appears, the snow was a bit pants. theres also a couple of good schools in the area if your wwanting to get the test out of the way, is my personal recomendation.
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            hey matty,
            great to hear someone else has a bike, i have gone down and checked the parking facility and it is a garage type structure with no door but a post to lock the bike onto. Im not sure if i will bring mine for a while because I bought some cheap taiwanese fairings that dont fit properly which has made it un-ridable for the moment