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Final Interview and Presentation for Carnival Imminent

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  • Final Interview and Presentation for Carnival Imminent


    What a great idea ! Glad I found you... Hope you and your families are comfortable in these times and also those working away at sea over Christmas...

    I have been in a recruitment process since September and have reached the final interview and presentation . It's been a strange one as it's all had to be done on line because of Covid. I'm asked to explain the unique feature of a particular ship in the fleet in the context of the specialism I am applying for which is Deck Cadet for Carnival U.K. I will be doing this in a 10 minute presentation to a panel including a first officer.

    I'm very keen like so many others, but in explaining the unique features of a particular ship in the context of a Deck Cadet I'm wondering how technical to get into the ships systems and design in relation the role. It says we should have "one clear message throughout , an introduction , a development of your topic and a summery."

    Any pointers or help greatly appreciated. I've just heard I'm stranded in London over Christmas so want to get stuck in to this as something positive to do.

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    I may be confused but are they asking you to explain a unique feature their deck teams are currently using on one of their ships?

    Or are they asking you to invent a feature that will be useful for their deck teams and talk about it?


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      Hello thank you very for responding to my post, They are asking to us to explain the unique features of a particular ship in the context of the specialism we are applying for . They go on to say "You should have one clear message that runs through your presentation and limit yourself to three sections introduction , development of your topic , and summery.

      I take this to mean presenting a ship's particular features unique to that vessel and how they relate to or are relevant to my specialism which is deck cadet - but any input at all would be gratefully received.


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        Seems a bit unfair to expect you to have that knowledge before starting, unless they provide you with information packs?
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          Yea, seems a bit odd... nobody can expect prospective seafarers to have knowledge of ship's equipment. I certainly knew sweet FA before I started.

          I wouldn't even know where to begin to be honest. Without an information pack like Alistair said it is very unfair.


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            Off the top of my head, are they looking for something obvious like ships beam or shallow draught. Small beam (width) so a ship can pass through the Panama canal, an attraction for the passengers. Or shallow draught (how much ship is under the water line) so ships can get into smaller ports, for more 'adventurous cruisers. Something like that.

            Or a unique feature onboard for passengers like an openair swimming pool, some kind of mad observation tower, surf simulator etc. Just google cruise ships for some of their passenger features.

            Hope that helps. A humble electrical officer.
            Former TH cadet with experience of cruise ships, buoy tenders, research ships and oil tankers