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    I'm not even sure where to start or if this is the right place. I've seen lots of post re:Colour blindness but I still have questions...this seemed like the best place to ask. Firstly I'm a parent and it's my son (he's 18) that's interested in a career at sea. He was at Fleetwood last year and did the Direct entry Nautical Science course (Deck) He secured sponsorship and when it came to the ENG1 it was detected that he is colour blind...this has never been picked up by us or at school, or at college where he had been for 6 months. He went on to do the City Uni test and failed. Lockdown happened and he spent time reflecting on what he now wanted to do. Decided to pursue Engineering instead and yesterday did the Farnsworth D-15 and failed that. I realise that it may be best to look for a new career but this is something he's wanted for so long and before he does that, it's worth exhausting all options.
    I've seen a posts that someone was a colour blind this even possible these days or have they changed the rules? Can an ENG1 be given to him with lookout restrictions? Any help would be really appreciated.

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    The minimum standards required for eyesight and colourblindness do vary slightly between Deck and Engine - however, both do require on being able to achieve an ENG-1.

    The only people that can confidently answer your question in your sons' case is an ENG-1 doctor. I would suggest contacting the doctor that completed his ENG-1 and enquire with them.
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      Op send me a PM im a colourblind engineering cadet at fleetwood and can give you a good amount of information regarding what I had to do to get my ENG1.

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        Hello I am in a very similar predicament, I’m colourblind and can’t pass the isihara or d15 and I’m looking for a company to sponsor me as my original one won’t anymore. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!


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          If you have failed the Isihara and D15, you can try the City University test