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  • Future deck cadet

    Hi guys!
    I am currently finishing my degree at the faculty of maritime studies in Rijeka, Croatia. I would really like to work as a cadet on a cruise ship, but I've seen that a lot of them hire only UK residents. Do you have an advice for someone from the EU(Croatia) about the best way to apply for the job? Is it best to directly send e-mails or some other way? I speak 6 languages, hopefully that can be a really good advantage for me. Cheers

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    I sailed with a Croatian cadet with Royal Caribbean, and their engineers are 30% Croatian nationals. If you’re close to graduating it may be a good idea to do your STCW courses if you haven’t already and then applying as a cadet through “C-trac”. The more certificates you’ve paid yourself the higher the chance they’ll look at your application.


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      Well I am finishing a degree in the nautics department, but it is nice to hear that. Do you have any experience with deck cadets from Eu countries, maybe Croatian ones? I've been told that it is tough for deck cadets to get their first job after graduating on a cruise ship, and that cruise ships don't often hire deck cadets. Is it true?


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        I’m not 100% sure about deck department because I was engine, but I assume it’s the same as the departments have roughly the same format onboard.

        I’ve never met EU cadets using the UK cadet system, but I’ve met EU cadets who are training the same way as you... studying first and then working as a cadet. I believe it is easy for Croatians to find employment on cruise ships once they qualify as it’s one of the preferred nations (Royal Caribbean is mostly Bulgarian, Croatian, Italian and British officers). The Croatian crew with RC is growing in all departments.

        I believe if you were a cadet on a cruise ship you would likely be hired by the cruise company when you graduate and become a licensed officer.

        Maybe you can try to find a Croatian Royal Caribbean second/third officer by searching on LinkedIn or Facebook and see if they can offer advise on whether or not they are recruited through an agency or direct with the cruise company. Sadly I don’t have any Croatian contacts to help you with that.


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          Loads of Croatian officers on cruise ships. They must all do their cadetships somewhere.