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    Hello everyone,

    I am a 19 years old aspiring deck cadet and I am looking forward to building a career at sea as a deck officer.

    It is my intention to attend the Warsash Maritime Institute: however, being an EEA citizen but not an UK resident, I have been told by the institute that they can't help me and therefore I will have to find by myself a shipping company that will sponsor me, fund my studies and welcome me on board one of their vessels for the practical training.

    However, after browsing the internet for a couple of days, I am really lost and don't know what to do. Who do I have to contact in order to try to secure a sponsorship? How do I have to contact the companies? Which companies? I really can't find an answer to those questions.

    I would love to listen to some advice from people that managed to get a sponsorship, or by anyone that knows more than me.

    Any help is really appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Finding someone to fund your studies is unlikely unless you’re a resident in the country they prefer to train their cadets in.

    To have a full cadetship in the UK it is normal to be a resident in the UK before you start, perhaps working in another industry here for a year would help you as you’d then be able to apply for full sponsorship (Brexit dependent, nobody knows what will happen).

    The only sponsored totally foreign cadets in the UK are working with African and Middle Eastern shipping companies where their governments normally own big fleets of ships and they like to train people abroad.


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      Where are you from? Is there any sort of cadet training system in your home country?


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        I am currently residing in Malta. The maritime institute here has quite a bad reputation, and I have been advised by many people (including former students) to continue my studies in the UK. So no way for a non resident to obtain a sponsorship? Companies like Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC etc. do not train their cadets in the UK?


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          The only cadets those companies would train in the UK would be cadets who are UK residents. There are some colleges (in India and maybe Nigeria and a couple of other places?) that have agreements with some of the UK colleges to send cadets there but unless there is somewhere in Malta that has such an arrangement (which I'm not aware of) then you are out of luck there.

          Historically the easiest way for you to obtain a UK cadetship would have been to move to the UK for a year prior to applying (you have to live here for 1 year to be eligible). But with Brexit etc I don't know how much longer that will be an option.


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            Soo, it's the best if you move to UK and if you find any job, then you can try apply after 1 year and see what happens.
            I've been told that I need be resident (live & work in UK) at least 2 years or 3...
            You are 19 years old, if you rent room and live with house mates, room is 300£ - 400£ each month, minimum wage around 1.200-1.300£ ; soo you can save money, experience life in UK.

            You can easly find seasonal job in Scottish highlands and they offer accommodation for workers, in summer time.
            Good luck..