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Cadet programs for internationals

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  • Cadet programs for internationals

    Hello. Hope you are fine. Could someone please tell me some companies that offer training programmes for internationals

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    It more often then not tends to be nationality specific, so you need to tell us which country and someone might be able to help. This is because you will most likely be training in your own country due to visas or have to be sponsored by a local office of a company to be sent overseas. Also, some governments offer tax advantages to companies which employ their own citizens as cadets.


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      Thank you for your reply. Am from Kenya
      I've tried writing to companies here but most that replied don't sponsor


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        All I can say for sure is that no UK company will sponsor you for a UK cadetship as it’s UK citizens and EU nationals only. Good luck.


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          I learnt that the hard way. Sent to dozen companies who didn't reply. The only one that replied told me they don't sponsor. But I won't give up


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            The only thing I can think is if you have an oil company in Kenya that have oil tankers, they may have cadets which train in the UK. I know Angolan oil train their cadets here.

            Also maybe it is a good idea to look at the marine academies in India, a lot of cadets from Africa train there and make good careers.


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              Is it difficult getting a job after going to university, let's say for electrical engineering, in stead of a maritime academy?