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    Hello I'm planning to do my ch mates/master in 2020. Maybe Glasgow or warsash but I'm not sure yet.

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    The Hatchling, my son, did his Mates at Warsash the first time and found the support was pants. After doing research and a Freedom Of Information request with the MCA I found they were getting worse down there and the rising star was Fleetwood. The Hatchling booked back into Fleetwood and paid for the course again and said the experience was chalk and cheese with Warsash. Copious and better notes at Fleetwood, facilities at Warsash were better but they have since moved so may be very different now, especially as the Library has partly been integrated into the Uni Library. Lectures were better at Fleetwood and more structured, Lecturers were available until late into the evening and prioritised Mates and Masters over CoC for time. Simulators were free to be used at Fleetwood a couple of nights a week, whereas at Warsash the Simulators were only used for courses. Private accommodation was cheaper in Fleetwood and there more facilities locally than out at the old Warsash Campus.

    2 from 12 passed the orals at Warsash, when he resat in Fleetwood 8 out of 10 passed.........

    FOI thread is here:

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      Yeah I had agreed with my training officer last year that Southampton was closest with the shortest study time. Now capt Ali at Glasgow can do the Ch mate/master full in 8 months and so now I have to convince my training officer glasgow is the better college.