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  • September 2020

    Hi guys, I'm currently 18 years old and have just finished my first year of A-levels (i failed my first year studying; maths, physics and geography so i restarted, hence why i am a year behind).
    I'm currently looking at deck cadetships. I've attended the Warsash open day and have many leaflets from all the companies present.
    What id really like to know is, are Chiltern and SSTG a reliable provider of training , ei, employment after cadetship, experience at sea and treatment of cadets. i guess i would prefer to work on cruise ships, but I'm not set on any area, i guess travel is an aspect of why Id like to join. Any help or knowledge is worth hearing, thank you.

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    i now study; economics, politics and geography. predicted ABB


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      If you are predicted ABB you should have no trouble at all getting an offer, provided you do well at interview. I am starting with Chiltern in a few weeks.


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        DJK, thankyou for getting back to me.
        What was the recruitment process like for Chiltern?


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          feel free to message me on Instagram @Krxm3r I may be able to help with some stuff, Unfortunately, I just can't give anything company-specific away like interview questions etc


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            Your only travel perks will be when you're qualified if you earn good money and get large amounts of time off, then you can holiday all over the world and stay in 5* resorts not worrying about your ship. Working at sea you're guaranteed to see two ports, the one you join the ship at and the one you leave the ship at... you'll likely have one day in each and you'll be shattered and/or homesick.

            As a cruise cadet you may or may not be allowed off the ship, with Royal Caribbean the cadets were mostly busy working in port as they had to learn things that only happen when the ship is not running, maybe getting 4 hours off per week to enjoy the outside world. Cruise cadetships are harder to get and generally onboard your life standard is vastly differed based on how good you are; if you put in little effort you'll be left for dead in Royal Caribbean, unsure about Carnival. Royal Caribbean had restrictions on how much of the ship the cadets could enjoy and the class of vessel (the ultra big, brand new ones) I was on mostly restricted public area usage to officers with two gold stripes and above, leaving cadets positively in non-passenger areas when not working. But on the older ships the cadets had full use of the whole ship excluding swimming pools and jacuzzis.

            Cargo ships will allow you to see a bit more of the world as they can be more relaxed in port, the negative is the ports can be dangerous/boring/remote/have restrictions on shore leave.

            Experience at sea and employment prospects vary massively between companies inside Chiltern and SSTG, as they're organisations which place you with a shipping company. Most placements within these companies are with cargo companies where experience at sea is pot luck but likely to be alright, employment prospects almost non-existent. If you're placed with a cruise company normally employment prospects are good and so is onboard experience learning wise, but wages are much lower, it also appears harder to move from cruise to cargo than the other way round. If I was to toot the company horn yet again I'd suggest trying SSTG and hoping/asking for P&O Ferries as your sponsor. They'll train you well with dedicated cadet training officers, they'll offer you a job with a higher wage than most and more time off than most (you'll only work 5 months a year) AND you'll find it effortless to move from ferries to cruises and back when you're qualified.

            Feel free to PM me with any questions about cruise life or P&O Ferries life, I've done both and can't say I'm in a bad position today.