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  • Hello!

    I've been sticking around for a while now and it seems like I'll be staying for the foreseeable future. I realised I never really introduced myself and I wouldn't want to be rude, would I.

    My name is Bryan, 19 years of age and as my Profile suggests, exiled to the country of Sweden, for now.
    I decided that I wanted to join the Merchant Navy as a Deck Officer more than 10 years ago. It was actually during a ferry-crossing of the Baltic Sea from Sweden to Poland. We had a rough sea and both of my parents were terribly seasick and therefore stayed below deck to rest. This gave me, a very curious young boy, the opportunity to explore the ship all by myself for the first time. Anyway I bumped into a crew member and he took me to the ship's bridge. Fascinated as I was I never wanted to leave and it was probably then and there I decided I wanted to go to sea. Mum was of course not thrilled by this news, she wanted her son to be a doctor, but she soon came round ^^

    Now, a couple of years and a numerous amount ferry crossings, cruises and bridge-visits later I am determined to pursue a career in the MN.

    I am moving to London in June to fulfil the Governmental 12 months UK residency requirement and hoping to apply for sponsorship sometime next year. Given that the world doesn't end that very year because then I'm in serious trouble...


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    Re: Hello!

    Hi Bryan,

    Welcome first and foremost & best of luck with your Merchant Navy application.

    Any questions, please ask, many people (including myself) have recently been through the selection and there are some Current/ Ex Merchant Navy ratings & Officers who can offer some terrific advice, use their knowledge.

    All the best,



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      Re: Hello!

      Hello Wilson,

      thanks a lot, I sure will!


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        Re: Hello!

        Welcome to the forums bryan, 'tis a helpful place

        Good luck with your application and I hope you enjoy life in Blighty in the meantime. Any thoughts on what sort of ship or company you'd like to work for and which seas you'd like to sail?


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          Re: Hello!

          Cheers D-Triv!

          Blighty is lovely, just look at your weather atm

          Well sailin' on the big queens would be the ultimate dream, I am a bit old fashioned
          So to answer your question: Cruise Ships, Carnival and all seven

          how about you? I see you're aspiring to work in the Kingdom down-below



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            Re: Hello!

            Aye, 'tis true I plan to work in the Kingdom below

            Provided my medical comes through okay I've got sponsorship from SSTG under OOCL (Orient Overseas Container Line) to start this september so I should be working box boats in the pacific, which is great by me

            Whereabout in London will you be living? Only been there twice, can't say I like cities too much. Too many people. More of a countryside lad meself


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              Re: Hello!

              Good for you

              Good luck with that. You've done the tests already then? Im sure you'll be just fine

              London, pretty near Covent Garden I think. Havn't been told yet to be honest, school arranges my accommodation for the initial 6 weeks. Twice you say?! We'll it's a long trip from Devon, horses need resting and watering along the way so it'll probably take a good couple of hours to get to London town

              Too many people? Well that explains why you're going for a job with mute cargo AND below decks


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                Small update for those of you who've followed the story of the
                'Only Swede in the Forums' until now.

                I did what I said I would do, graduated with marks I am not too ashamed of
                at all, partied all night long and then moved to Blighty the day after.

                I Got through a 6 weeks course that did me no good what so ever and was dull
                as paint and then managed to get a nice flatshare in Tower Hamlets. The flat is not
                very nice but the flatmates are so I am happy.

                Settling in all right, got a job, joined the MVS (Mondays are now my highlight of the week
                as I get to do power-boating in the Thames, and wear a uniform) and all I have to do is wait...

                Applying next year around March as advised by the Carnival HR Manager.



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                  I love it when a plan comes together
                  Trust me I'm a Chief.

                  Views expressed by me are mine and mine alone.
                  Yes I work for the big blue canoe company.
                  No I do not report things from here to them as they are quite able to come and read this stuff for themselves.

                  Twitter:- @DeeChief


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                    Couldn't agree more

                    Thanks for all the support guys! I'll buy you all a pint