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Group interviews and mystery group tasks.

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  • Group interviews and mystery group tasks.

    Hi guys, bit of background information here: I have been offered an interview for a seagoing apprenticeship, the first offer of its kind for me personally and the invitation included only very vague information as to what to expect other than there will be a surprise task for the group on the day. I'm looking for a wee pointer or two for what to expect, will there be questions on each individual applicant or does the interview primarily focus on the team working skills of those in the selected group? The company i have been offered the apprenticeship with is CalMac so if anyone could shed a little light, on their experiences I would be most grateful. Also just to clarify, I'm not looking for someone to tell me every little bit of information and essentially cheat, I am curious as to what peoples experiences were.


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    The surprise group task I had was that we were onboard a vessel that was on fire and sinking. It was going to sink in 2-2 3/4 hours. There was 12 people on board with different backgrounds and skills and also items. It took us 45 mins to lower and a lifeboat and 15 mins to load a person. We had to choose who we would save and why.

    All these tasks are really looking for is initiative and thinking outside the box. Being able to present your own ideas and take other people’s ideas on board.

    Good luck!