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I'm new to the site and could do with some advice on allergies.

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  • I'm new to the site and could do with some advice on allergies.

    I'm 18, and all I've ever wanted to do is work on ships, but unfortunately I have a peanut allergy. I last had a reaction in about 2015-16, and it was by far the worst I've had (though the quantity was greater than ever before), and I don't believe that it was anaphylactic. As a result, I was given a prescription for EpiPens. I've seen the ADG 16 section of the Seafarer Medical Examination, and I'm still uncertain as to what - if anything - I should do. I've not applied for anything yet, but I would be looking to do so in the next year. Sorry to start with something so miserable.

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    I have sent you a private message,


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      You should apply to SSTG and ask about sponsorship with P&O Ferries. Your initial medicals may be restricted to near coastal locations, then potentially you may get an unlimited ENG1 after several good years without reaction.

      Regardless, P&O Ferries accept sailors with ENG3 restricted medicals so they could be a good opportunity for you. If you’re keen, willing to work hard and study I don’t see why they wouldn’t want you.