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Boston Putford or northern star

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  • Boston Putford or northern star

    Hi, I've just been accepted by SSTG and been given a choice of 4 Companies, of which are Northern Star and Boston putford.
    Which one do you think is best out of the 2?
    How long is the observation trip on BP ?
    Is it worth waiting for January to have more options like P&O ?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Personally, i decided to wait. However for me it was made easier by the fact I am 28 and currently have a job, which gives me more time to save some extra money. I also wanted to wait and see if a P&O deck casetship came up.

    However it is worth noting - as Steve told me - there is no guarantee that P&O will ask for any cadets or they may ask for one type and not the other. Ultimately do what is best for you, but also spend time thinking about it before you decide.


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      Thanks for the advice!!
      I finally chose to go with Evergreen Marine so that i could visit and see a little more than the British & European coastlines ?Which i already know quite well...
      I hope you'll enter warsash (or another school) with the company you want Matelot !!!


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        No issues. I am glad you were able to decide.

        Fortunately i am able to go to Warsash in January I just need to wait till September to find out which companies are recruiting for the intake.

        Best of luck to you!