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  • Hello Sailors !

    Thank you to be there !
    I am Dom, 21 and I am from Poland. I have applied via UCAS for Navigation and Maritime Science (BSc) at University of Plymouth and I have got an uncoditional offer from them, but I have few significant questions due to that fact.
    1. How can I deal with sponsorship and sea time needed at this course if I am not UK resident for at least 1 year ? The thing is complicated because I was working in UK for P&O as a seasonal housekeeping assistant in June-August 17 period and after that I was normally living and working in UK from October 2017 to the end of March 2018. Do you know how could I prove my residency ?
    2. Is it even possible for me to apply for any sponsorship before I start my course ? What would you recommend guys ?
    3. Any opinions about University/course ? Is it worth it even if I would not find any sponsor before August 2019 ?
    I would like to add that I told to myself that I have to start these course these year because I have already done 2 year gap and I think it is high time to do it now !
    I would appreciate any response from you guys, big THANK YOU in advance Dom.

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    Hi, I am also from Poland, but I think you are talking about a Degree, as what most of us here are doing is either a HNC/HND or FD in Nautical science in deck or Engineeering and we applied to specific companoes and not through UCAS.
    PM me if you want further info.


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      The course you are talking about is for people wanting to study the degree only, it will not include maritime training for your STCW license. Some people on the course may have sponsors who will be paying for additional training to become an officer but this would be arranged from day 1 by the sponsor, you would not apply through UCAS.

      If you want to become an officer through the UK sponsorship/cadetship system then you must apply through these companies like Clyde Marine Training and SSTG who will be unlikely to place you onto a BSc but instead an HNC/D or FD.

      I cannot answer your questions about residency etc as I'm not sure, sorry. But good luck! I hope you find a company who can train you to where you want to be.