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Why some superiors on engine department are so abusive?

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  • Why some superiors on engine department are so abusive?

    Since i finisehd my first contract as engine cadet where i obtained that im competitive for promotion and a great appraisal. i notice something and i really want to share it with you. For 6 months, my superiors used to taunt me without any obvious reason and made me feel as a loosy cadet. Some of their unorthodox methods to make me work harder was saying to me everyday that i will never be an engineer , that i have to try harder in my next contract if i want to learn to became a deck officer if i want to continue on sea and all this kind of bullcraps. 10 Days before i finish my contract all sudden everybody was speaking that im skilled i have talent and all this things. Like a 180 Degree turn in their thinking. My question is if somebody is useless, they speak to him with such bad words to make him quit , or they try to manipulate you so you will try harder day after day to prove yourself? Serious answers are appreciated. Yours faithfully.

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    I don’t know if you were just subject to “banter” or if the guys you worked with were just assholes. Even after I qualified there was the usual jokes from superiors and others that I was crap but it was all intended to be as a joke. We had cadets come through that didn’t understand banter and thought we were abusing them, but soon learned to take it with a light heart and eventually give their superiors the same sh*t.


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      I’m pretty certain you’ll get this regardless of what industry you’re in. Just take it with a light heart.