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    I've been looking at the forum for several years, but never posted anything. I'm an OOW working on tugs.

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    Hello mate. Tugs are exactly the industry I'm trying to get in to. How do you like it? Any advice for someone trying to break in?


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      Hello, yes tugs aren't a bad life, were you thinking of harbour tugs or the seagoing ones? As they are quite different in my experience with quite different people working on them as well. I'm currently on seagoing tugs, money isn't usually as good as on the harbour ones and the trips are longer, although my company is quite flexible with trip lengths and I just agree it with my back to back. I think it's unlikely you'll be able to get a permanent contract in the sea towing side of the industry, and I work on a regular rotation but through an agency.
      If you are after harbour tugs then Seamariner are probably the best people to talk to, I see Greg looking for OOW'S quite frequently looking for people on LinkedIn, almost certainly for Svitzer and they seem to be good at taking on people with no experience as an OOW.
      If you want to go on seagoing tugs then Seaworthy is probably your best shot as they do have work come up for OOW'S on tugs, some require tug experience and some don't, but in my opinion once you have done some work on tugs you will regularly get called about further work on them.


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        Definitely the harbour tugs but it sounds like you work for a pretty decent company. Greg has my details so I'm hoping he can work his magic (I've never heard of anyone in this industry spoken as well of as him). Svitzer seemed to have stopped reruiting OOW's last month but there are still opportunities out there if you look. It's just a case of finding them.