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  • Pre-Cadet Seeking Advice

    Hello all,

    I am midway through Access to Shipping and Maritime Operations course at COGC. I have been advised by my guidance teacher to do the NC level 6 course after this in September. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on whether I should just go for a cadetship for September next year (I recently had a positive interview with SSTG) or do the NC then cadetship in 2020 - I am 34 btw. Also, I initially intended to do engineering but now I'm leaning toward ETO. Any advice on what the best route to take would be in terms of employment prospects and employability on leaving the maritime industry?

    Thanks in advance:-)

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    I assume he’s advised you to do an HNC course?

    If that’s the case then that’s odd advice, as your cadetship will give you an HNC, HND or Foundation Degree in either Marine Engineering, Nautical Science or Marine Electrotech. If I’ve got the wrong end of the stick then I’d stick to the advice of start your cadetship ASAP, if you’re ready.

    Engineering or ETO are the best two for employment prospects, both at sea and on land. ETO, I believe, is slightly more challenging academically and also the practical side... but you can expect a job on completion on anything from ferries close to home, cruise ships or cargo ships. Your jobs shore side will be power station style work where Marine electricians are currently gold dust. Engineering is a bit easier, again in my opinion but your job prospects on completion at sea might be a bit trickier unless you had a good sponsor who hires their ex-cadets. Regardless, your employability will still be a lot higher than deck side. Land jobs will be anything from survey work (on boilers, elevators etc), power station work or mobile maintenance style jobs. All of the jobs available to ETOs and engineers land side are relatively good money.

    Good luck regardless!


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      I think her reasoning is that doing the level 6 course will prepare you better for the SPD or something. She says companies are looking for the higher qualification these days. But I'll apply to a few companies and see if I can land an ETO cadetship. From what I've gleaned from talking to cadets/reps at the recent open day that would be a better fit for me. Thanks for the advice.

      Best wishes.