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Hello Sailor: Player 2 has entered the game

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  • Hello Sailor: Player 2 has entered the game

    Hello hello!

    I've just finished my Deck Cadetship in the Offshore Sector and received a shiny new COC in the post. Now I'm in the process of finding a job. Has anyone seen Bloodsport? The scene where Frank Dux is blinded, beat and just punching out randomly? Well that's kinda what I feel like right now. But hey ho, I've only been applying for 2 weeks and I'm sure I'll find something soon.

    So I'm here for two reasons: To make use of any information and resources here, and to maybe answer any questions for aspiring and current Deck Cadets. Even though I'm having a tough time right now I couldn't recommend a career at sea enough. I made this career transition in my late twenties and would never go back ashore to work.

    So that's my Hello Sailor.