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Hello everyone !

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  • Hello everyone !

    Hello ,
    Aspiring engine cadet sponsored by HYPROC SHIPPING COMPANY (i forgot to mention it in the title )
    my name is walid and i'm 23 years old , i study naval mechanical engineering and this year is my last year at school , i have done some internships i was onboard a ferry and an lng tanker so i have seen how life is onbord and i liked it , being a seafarer is a wonerful job ! , and as i said this is my last year at the maritime school and we have to do a memoir , so i'm gonna need some help , i'll need some data from your ships especially the new ones .
    i'll be in touch with some of you , i hope that we will help eachother and i also hope that i'll make some new friends here
    i can help you to if i can , just pm me
    have a good day everyone
    good by
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