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    Well i thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a licensed Marine Engineer from Canada. I did a year or so sailing and decided I wanted to get into a specialist position so I worked for Wartsila for 2 years as a service Engineer and now am working as a Service Engineer for a company that supplies composite sterntube bearings to the marine industry. I wish when I was a cadet I had a resource like this site to help in decesions so I figured I'd come on here to help cadets realize that being a marine engineer opens up one of the biggest job markets in the world and is not just restricted to sailing. But make sure you do get some expierence in beforehand!!

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    Re: Hello All

    Hi Wikki,
    Welcome to our humble little forum.

    I hope you won't object to being grilled for info now and then about the insides of engines by some of the engine cadets on here... all of us have to build up a portfolio of reports and photos to prove that we understand how they work and how to put them back together - without any spare bits left over
    It's great to have someone on board who literally knows marine engines inside out!
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      Re: Hello All

      I have no problem answering whatever questions they can shoot my way. I specialized in Deutz 602 gensets and took apart and rebuilt from ground up around 30 times. I've also done multiple crankshaft replacements on Wartsila 9R32 in ship. I had the oppurtunity to do a big end bearing replacement on a brand new Wartsila 46F which, when I was witht he company, was their latest and greatest medium speed diesel. I'm sure I have pictures lying around somewhere.. and I'm pretty sure I have some of those great manuals that you cant find in any bookstore on specific engines I may be able to distribute