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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm going to be about for the September 2018 intake, really excited about going to sea, but nervous about college. It's going to be the ETO FD course, the attending college is TBC.

    Anyone got any recommendations for reading before college? I want to get started off with my best foot forward.

    Been hearing stories off a boy at the work about his time working on Danish-flagged cargo vessels in the 70s, it's really making me feel excited about heading out!

    Thanks as well to everyone on this forum, by the way. I've been lurking for the best part of a year whilst trying to get my act together in anticipation for signing on. This forum is an information goldmine.

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    Congrats on the cadetship, and welcome to the forum.

    Pre course reading could be lots of stuff really, depends what your background is? I started myself off with a-level maths and physics revision to get back into the swing of education before starting the course.


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      I second what dotcom said. Focus on bringing your maths knowledge up to speed. That'll underpin the majority of your units.


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        Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge by Dennis T Hall is worth a read. It's not that thick a book and it is kept simple enough for cadets. It is over 20 years old now but still teaches the very basics and will assist you throughout your cadetship.


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          *cough* over 30years old *cough*

          So I've been told, but it's ok as others here will tell you, you don't need to know the old stuff
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            There was a video series to go with the book but I've never seen it. I found this video yesterday. It really shows how old it is here.



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              The video series for practical marine electrical knowledge is available on YouTube. It is still a very good watch and the book is good to read. I think I referenced it in every assignment I wrote at college.


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                I appreciate the advice and suggestions. My work schedule is becoming a bit less hectic after next week, so I'll be able to find a bit more time to brush up on the maths and physics. I have a bit of previous engineering study behind me, so the college won't exactly be new, but I want to get back into the habit of studying in general. The video suggestion is fantastic. It looks a bit old school, but it's obviously worked for others. Book's ordered as well - I appreciate this, big time. Thanks lads.