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    Hello, first i would like to introduce my self.
    My name is Karlo, and I am coming from Europe, country named Croatia.
    I finished a maritime school for engineers for 6 month ago and i cant find a job.
    I need a job as assistent engineer (ENGINE CADET).
    I am looking for a job for a 5 month and damm it is hard to find it.
    If any body can help me to get on board i will appriciate it.
    Thanks and best regards from Split/Croatia...

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    Re: HELP NEEDED...!

    If you want to work in the UK you will need to get a Certificate of Equivalent Competency(CEC) from the MCA. Most job vacancies seem to be in the North Sea at the moment, for this I think you would need a work permit as Croatia is not in the EU; you would have to ask the employer to provide evidence for the UK Border Agency for that. This may be difficult, but there is demand for engineers at the moment; I won't attempt to list all the recruitment agencies and companies as there are hundreds, but a friend of mine got a job with North Star Shipping last month through CPMarineUK, and he said they are short of engineers and are looking for more as they are getting more ships. Google is your friend for other agencies and shipping companies.
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      Re: HELP NEEDED...!

      I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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