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  • Regarding Sponsorship *HELP*

    Hi guys,

    My name is Aamir, I am currently studying FdSc Navigation Maritime Science at Plymouth University in United Kingdom. I was previously sponsored by SSTG one of the sponsoring/training companies and was doing FdEng Marine Engineering at Warsash Maritime Academy, however, things did not work out for me and I changed my career to Deck.

    I am finding it very difficult to find sponsorship, and not recieving convincing replies from sponsoring companies as they are not willing to take me on. I am in my 2nd year well final year at Plymouth University and as per my course I really need 12 months of sea time to meet the MCA requirements,

    I am really unsure what to do, I have literally been everywhere, contacting via email and phone but can't seem to get sponsored or even willing to have me for an interview, due to smart funding. I also asked the sponsoring companies whether I could pay for sea time myself but have not received a straight answer.

    I have contacted smart funding, and they've told me I still have 12months of smart funding left from the 18months in total. I obviously had used the 6 months funding during my previous course at Warsash for Marine Engineering. However, when I contacted smart funding they told me I have 55 installments left, so 12months sea time could be completed easily.

    I have joined this website/forum as it seems really helpful and everyone here seem very genuine and are very keen to help.

    I would be more than happy if anyone could advise me what I could do.



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    Have you contacted SSTG since they were your original sponsor?
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      Originally posted by alistairuk View Post
      Have you contacted SSTG since they were your original sponsor?

      I think I heard it is easier for the original Sponsor to reaccess the SMART funding, so they might be happy to do so.
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        Yes you do need to contact SSTG in the first place.

        Also MEF do have funds available that are not SMART funds. Make a good case and they may well fund you. However, much of that will depend on past record because they will ask SSTG for a report on you.

        Hope this helps.

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          Hi there

          Thanks for response guys,

          I have already been in contact with SSTG ever since last year, but SSTG have advised me that they cannot deal with this matter due to their company rules. However, SSTG have told me to get in touch with MEF as they are my only hope. I have contacted MEF regarding this matter and now waiting for their response.

          Also, is there any way I could pay for the sea time myself?



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            Have you tried contacting the Indian ship management companies? The only reason I ask is they seem to run a system of complete the college time then apply to management companies for your sea time like applying for a job (the best candidate gets the chance to join a ship), and they give you a ship for 12 months or whatever to get your training done in return for a few years work. I don’t know if they’re only for Indian citizens or not but seems worth a shot, a British citizen with UK training surely is just as good.

            One friend I know of (an Indian citizen) who use the above route used Thome Ship Management after completing his deck course at Shields.

            Good luck, keep us updated!


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              I have tried applying literally everywhere and unfortunatley received no luck. No one is willing to help me, I am at the stage where my course is about to finish, literally two months away and I have not been sponsored. I am waiting on a reply from MEF, alothough it has been over a month now since I have heard from them, I did email again but again no luck. Really fustrated!