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  • Hey

    Like most people i've been reading through this site for a while and finally decided to join.
    First i 'd like to thank you as you've answered loads of questions for me already, so thanks =]

    Anyway Hi everyone

    I'm starting at Warsash in Jan 2011 as a deckie with CMT

    Are there any 2011 starters? or is it just me?

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    Re: Hey

    I doubt it'd be just you... but you'll see me lurking around for the second part of phase 1... us engineers have to learn how to fix things before we're allowed the chance to break them
    Not all Trade Unionists are left wing, socialists or even ugly


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      Re: Hey

      I'll be starting jan 2011 on the FdSc too, although this is what I'd assume as it would be silly to send me as a southerner up to glasgow and I have good A level results in the right stuff. I have been warned that things don't always make sense though so I guess we'll see!


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        Re: Hey

        hey guys.

        @MEJG. I guess not, there doesn't seem to be many though, it'll be good to have a chat with people before i go.
        I'll have to keep an eye out for you 'lurking', and surely it's more fun to break things first and then learn how to fix it

        @kayak. Hi, sorry i should of put that i'm doing the HND (never did my A-Levels ) i'm sure i'll see you around though.

        Yeah i wouldn't count on it making sense, i am a southerner as well, and i was suppose to start at south shields, which is not as far as scotland but it's pretty far from me.