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Hi, Im starting COGC on the 29th Jan 2018

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  • Hi, Im starting COGC on the 29th Jan 2018

    Hi there,
    Like I wrote above, I'm starting the City of Glasgow College on the 29th January 2018 with Clyde Marine Training. I'm only 16 so if anyone could give some advice on what to do and how to not stick out like a sore thumb, it would be soooo helpful.
    Also anyone else starting then?

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    Am also starting then.. deck or engineer? I?m 16 as well and Clyde haven?t given me much information yet, haven?t even got a start date. Feel free to message me, would be great to know someone


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      Good afternoon,
      Don?t worry about being with Clyde and ?sticking out? week1 will generally just be introducing the lecturers that will teach you for phase1 and going over the modules you?ll cover. You may have some others joining the class 2nd week.
      Clyde will be in touch 2nd/3rd week to give out company sponsorship letters then after that around the 7/8th week they will distribute uniforms to you then come in for the occasional meeting to see how you?re getting on.

      If you need anymore give me a message or that I?ll be more than happy to help out [emoji1303]

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        Good evening,
        I'm also joining the Glasgow college on the 29th of January and training to become a deck officer, I'm 17, feel free to pop up and have a chat as would be nice to get to know someone else who is going through this process


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          No need to worry about sticking out, your first phase is a walk in the park. It's just what RossTee said, introducing you into the industry and trying to prepare you for your first trip at sea.
          I qualified as a deck officer from COGC around a year and a half ago so been through it all!