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  • Another Hello!

    Hello all.
    I am hoping to start training to be a Deck Officer next year and am currently just trying to work out which companies/colleges etc to apply for. Any advice would be much appreciated, and I'm sure I'll be asking plenty of questions as well.
    Look forward to speaking to some of you.

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    Have a look at the 'Who is still recruiting' thread to see what's up for grabs, a lot of companies will be recruiting for the Jan 2018 window now.

    There's a wide variety of companies so it depends what sort of vessels you're looking for, whether you're deck, engine or ETO


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      All of them. The more offers you get the more choice you have.
      io parlo morse


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        Thanks for the advice. I was planing on doing just that, applying to a lot of them and seeing what comes back. Definitely applying for the Deck officer role. From the sounds of it, its better to apply directly through the shipping companies then through a management company like Clyde Marine Training (I'm based in Glasgow so initially they seemed quite an attractive prospect). Would welcome anyone's views on this?


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          The likes of Maersk, Shell, BP, Princess Cruises etc generally offer a lot more than the likes of Clyde, SSTG, Anglo Eastern etc but they also get first pick of cadets due to the volumes who apply to them. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already filled Jan 2018 cadetships.

          Clyde and Anglo Eastern are still taking on Deck Officer cadets for this week/next week. If you're quick you should pick up a cadetship no problem with them for an immediate start. Well worth considering!