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  • Hello!

    I'm having a bit of a mental block regarding writing or altering my existing CV to apply for Deck cadetships for the September 2018 intake. This includes writing cover letters for each company too. Whilst I understand how you highlight skills, draw examples of when I've used them then relate that to the job, it's the relating them to the Deck Officer role that I'm finding tricky. Additionally, I don't understand how to adjust my cover letter and CV for different companies. So what would Trinity House be looking for me to highlight over say Carnival UK or Maersk (I'm just going to apply for all the sponsoring companies). I've read the writing a CV article but these are the questions I'm left with. If anyone could give me a few tips or point me in the direction of someone who can, that'll be great.


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    That you have the correct company name on your cover letter :-)

    Highlight team working with examples; especially if they were multinational; highlight any projects you were involved in especially if you were the leader or if there are any challenges you overcame.

    For cruise make sure your cover letter highlights customer service and some bull**** about wanting to make great vacations (or similar)
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      Thanks for the quick reply Alistairuk.

      Yes that would be a good start haha. Thanks for the solid advice, I didn't even think about the customer service side of things!