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    I thought I would set a new thread for people wanting to sell their books for the navigation deck OOW course.

    I am looking for books for my course in September and Im sure there are many others out there that would also be looking for good used books.

    Please state the full name of the the book, edition, state of the book (new, good, poor) and price.

    Im sure there would be many like me looking to reduce the cost of a great course!

    If in the meantime someone would dedicate a small bit of time detailing exactly all the best reference books needed for the course, thats to say the main sources for study (hopefully not too many I hope) then it would im sure be gratefully appreciated by all who are studying and in need of a great source of knowledge.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have found throughout my cadetship that I've only bought one really essential book, and that was the COLREGs pocket book which I bought (and now sell by the boxful) for ?3.50.

    I have bought others, mainly revision guides. They have all been available in the library but I bought the ones I found most useful (Seamanship Notes, Cargo Notes).

    For this reason, my partner and I (see my signature) only sell a limited selection of books through our website. I can't speak for other colleges but at Warsash everything you need is in the library and course notes.
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