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    Afternoon All

    Got a job lot of books for anyone interested,most of them study books as follows:

    Ship Stability for Mates & Masters 5th Edition - Derret Barrass
    Seamanship Techniques 3rd Edition - D.J.House
    Ship Stability for Mates & Masters 1st Edition - Martin A Rhodes
    COLREGS Pocket Book - Macneils
    Royal Navy Officers Pocket Book - Bloomsbury
    Celestial Navigation for Yachstsmen - Mary Blewitt
    Cargo Notes 2nd Edition - Dhananjay Swadi
    Navigation Advanced Mates & Masters - T.Nadeem Anwar
    DP Operators Handbook - Captain D Bray
    Chart 5011 Symbols - 3rd Edition-Admiralty
    The Mariners Handbook NP100 8th Edition - Admiralty
    Merchant Fleets Maersk Line - Norman L Middlemiss

    Looking for