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    Hello everyone i am a fresh 2nd mate,sailed as Deck Cadet onboard DP2 AHTS. Need some advice on the following topics.

    Should i switch from offshore to main fleet , the offshore Industry seems to be in bad shape.I got a call for an DP AHTS ,wages 500$ per month (Yes per month) as a fresh 2nd mate and 6 months contract (I was getting 400$ as a Deck Cadet ). My parent company where i did my Cadet training says the would take me in when i have DP certificate(in short you are not required).

    Does the Canadian Maritime authority issues Certificate of equivalent Competency to COCs issued by foreign Countries.Many international seafarers give there exams in UK are issued with an UK COC , is it the same case in Canada.

    New Zealand and Australia have removed Ships officers from skilled workers list i believe ,UK is not an option(Plenty of highly skilled Marine officers are already in the market ).Is there any other country ,where a seafarer could immigrate to.