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Living outside of the UK but working for UK based company?

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  • Living outside of the UK but working for UK based company?

    Hello everyone,

    Not really sure how to open this up to the floor so I'll get straight into it.

    I was just wondering what the possibility is of "living" in another country whilst still working for a company in the UK?

    My thought behind this is as follows. Can you purchase a home in a country of your choice, live there on some sort of tourist visa while on leave, and then going back to the UK to work when your leave is finished? Then once your next time on ship is over, going back again on a tourist visa. Essentially living in a different country but still working in the UK. Maybe this isn't an option, but it would be worthwhile finding out!

    I'm not sure of the ins and outs of how leave works, or the details of visas for different countries, so apologies if I have got it wrong, as I'm not actually part of the Merchant Navy yet. I am however hoping to be an Engineering Cadet on a January 2017 intake.

    Thanks once again!

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    Under present away rules you can do this without a visa, that may change if Brexit ever materialises.

    For Thailand and a few other countries the process which you described pretty much covers it.

    It will vary from country to country.

    Depending on the trading area of the vessel your company may be just as happy to fly you from your home country to the shops they would from the UK.
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      A couple of points about Thailand.

      It is not legally possible to buy land in Thailand if you are not Thai.

      A Thai may not legally buy land using money given to them by a foreigner.

      In order to get a tourist visa you need to apply to the Thai Embassy in your country of residence.

      Entering and staying in Thailand under the radar used to be easy but because of the abuse of the visa system much has changed in the past few years.

      At the moment it is governed by a military dictatorship which is quite xenophobic.

      It's a good place to go on your hols but I wouldn't recommend investing any more money than you are willing to walk away from.
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        People do this but as above how easy it is varies from country to country.

        I know someone who rents a place in Thailand and goes there when on leave. As mentioned above it's difficult to buy property there if you are not a citizen but it's so cheap to rent that's not a problem.

        Know someone else who lived in the states for a while, I belive they had to pay tax on their sea earnings to the US authorities. Despite this they couldn't work on shore there or become a citizen or anything I don't think. That's just what I heard so may not be accurate.


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          Definitely easier if you live in an EU country for now. Ive met some seafarers who live in Spain and work for IOM flagged ships. UK ships may specify travel not paid to discourage non UK applicants but its pretty cheap and easy to commute from spain for a 6 week trip. 2 on 2 off wouldn't be so good.
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            Plenty of people living overseas in Asia and Europe working for UK companies, some companies pay for flights, others don't, often depends on the trading areas of the ships. Certain government jobs require you to be a UK resident (Strategic Sealift Ro-Ro, RFA etc??)


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              Originally posted by YoungMariner View Post
              Certain government jobs require you to be a UK resident (Strategic Sealift Ro-Ro, RFA etc??)
              No requirement to live in the UK whilst working for RFA, though there may be a residency requirement prior to recruitment.