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  • Gravatar support?

    Hi All,

    Just an idea - Have you given any thought to using an "external" profile picture service, such as Gravatar? It essentially enables users to upload one profile image, then use it on multiple sites. As a result, you need less webspace, which means cheaper hosting bills!
    It's also easier for me... As I don't need to upload the same avatar everywhere I go :P

    On a slightly related note - When I try and upload a profile picture from an external web-address, I get an "Error writing temporary file" error.

    Pointy bit is the front, blunt bit is the back... Simples!

    Will work for money/sea time.

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    Hi, all the admins are currently away at the moment, I'm sure one will be along once they get back from sea.

    In the mean time I have sent you a PM with instructions on how to manually use Gravatar with the site.
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      Hi there, what website are you trying to upload from?

      Photobucket has worked fine for me in the past.

      Haven't really looked into image hosting for avatars as bulletin has provided a service which works ok. It's definitely something we could look at, it's not been suggested before.

      Vbulletin in its default setting doesn't support gravatar, it would require adding some new parameters. Are there many users using Gravatar or some such other service?

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