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    I want to suggest that you limit the number of post that certain members can make in a day. To maybe 4 posts a day.

    There appears to be a small element on this forum that think it is in their remit to "police" every thread and end up spamming every new thread.

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    Absurd idea. The whole point of an internet forum is so that people can discuss topics, answer questions and maybe have a bit of a laugh. If you limit the amount of posts per day then it will restrict people's ability to answer questions and contribute to discussions in an effective manner. I don't post that much and probably very rarely go over your proposed limit but would seem a bit daft to have to wait until the next day to answer questions.


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      I assume you are referring to me as one of those. Having looked at my profile my average is less than 2 a day, but I can sometimes post 10 in a single day but I would like to think that the majority of mine, and everyone elses, comments are constructive. However I am as guilty as everyone else for having a bit of banter and a laugh. I do this for fun and to help people. Take away the fun element and many people would leave....

      I agree with EH75 - absurd idea.

      Perhaps instead we could have a rule about fatuous comments like "Bookworms can get into books and eat the pages." - Now that makes more sense....

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        Completely defeats the point of an open forum.

        Personally I might post 5 posts 1 day then not post again for a week , would i be able to save my posts up? ... nonsense


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          I with the others, it's a bit of a daft idea and detracts from what we do here.
          I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.....

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            I agree that this is an absurd idea, it would make it impossible to offer the constructive feedback we currently offer and would also mean that any type of discussion would take days.

            Thread closed.