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    Is there anyway to stay logged in for a longer period of time?

    Just bugs the hell out of me that every time I leave the forum inactive for a couple of minutes, the damn thing logs me out! It is a right bugger when I am half way through typing a post (logged in), I go to double check something elsewhere, come back and finish typing said post, hit the submit button and it tells me I am not allowed cause I ain't logged in!!

    I can possibly understand it from a security point of view, however I don't know of any other forum that takes it to quite this level!! I have searched the settings etc, and can't see anything I can change.

    Any chance of some help??

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    before login in you can tick the remember me box, that should keep you logged in for ever


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      By Jove! Seems to work, that one!!

      Now I was convinced I had done that already, I usually do when I am first presented with a username/password prompt. Ach well, not to worry, tis working now.

      Cheers Bulman!!