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    Now I'm seeing the little blighters! They've only gone and left a horse outside...(Right, I'll get my coat..)...

    Anywho, in seriousness, now I'm seeing it and I'm running Chrome with Windows Anti-Virus...
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      I'm getting this thing, McAfee being a right pain. I'm using chrome and McAfee. Here's the Google Diagnostic on why its trying to block me:
      Don't know if this is a different thing.
      All views are my own and not that of my employer/training company.


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        Yeh, I've had this problem for a while, avast keep detecting 'harmful content' and now Chrome is starting to take it seriously too! I'm assuming it's due to the banner adverts that are sourced externally to officer cadet?


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          I think you may be right, I noticed a certain advert there suddenly for removing the Win32 trojan, which if this is the problem trojan isn't so much of a problem as its just a fake meant to get you to install software which is malicious I believe. It seemed a bit to random to just be an advert for removing Win32 there....?
          All views are my own and not that of my employer/training company.


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            Originally posted by mak View Post
            Win7 Premium
            AVG Pro
            Ironoically enough, this thread, although to report "Maersk Cadets Starting 2012"
            i got the exact same thing except on chrome. wuuuuuuut
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