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  • Buy, Sell, Trade Section

    Im just taking an idea from a music forum that i am a member on.
    Suppose it would be good for hard up cadets to swap things or sell that they no longer have a use for. Not just nautical / college things but DVDs and Books etc. You (the forum) take no responsibility for any transactions and its done at the users own risk.

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    Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

    I think it's a good idea, as long as it's legal

    Maybe people can list what they've got and then PM each other with phone numbers or something?

    (Book reviews might be useful too )
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      Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

      Yeah, you just list your item and a price, and then people list a comment saying they will buy it or barter for it. Then the deal is done through paypal or postal order or which ever method is best.

      Hope i am okay to post this link, this is the buy,sell, trade rules of the music forum that i am on. ... f=6&t=4708


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        Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

        For now, unless CD has anything to say, please just list your items, and contact each other by PM.

        We haven't agreed as a team to make this resemble a commercial site. We don't have any adverts on here, and we don't know if we ever will.

        It's not that any of us are necessarily opposed to it, we're all very open and flexible, but the general approach here is to agree things first and have good talk about it before jumping in.

        There are reasons for this... for example, there is a law about giving financial advice in exchange for money if you are not a registered financial adviser; and I suspect we can't (and don't want to) police the forum like that. I don't think we want to get involved in any disagreements about anything that happened on the site. I think use the site to say you've got some stuff and what it is and make contact, but take any transactions off to your own e-mail address or phone or whatever.
        Basically we don't know enough about what's allowed or what's a good idea or not, and don't want any stress. So please just list your stuff, PM each other for a phone number, and sort yourselves out.

        Maybe we'll sort something out that works better as time goes on, but turning into "SEaBay" not a priority right now!

        Does that sound fair?
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          Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

          Scotty's quite right in this case. I do quite like the idea but before having anything totally dedicated to the purpose I think we need to see an increase in membership.

          Commercially speaking, I'm open minded. The site will never be overrun with ads, and while I've considered putting some in to assist with running costs, I can't justify it just yet as the return wouldn't be much. This is a community site and yes, I pay the bills but that's something I'm happy to do. Yes, I do reserve the right to veto things, which I think is fair since it's my head on the block if things go wrong, but I trust the members of the site to make of it what they will and the admins/mods to be fair and reasonable. When I eventually go to sea, I trust everyone to play nice and not get into trouble.

          The site is for the community and it is everyone who will decide what we want this site to become. I'm just happy to facilitate that process.

          Anyway, speech over, Declan it's a good idea and I think if anyone wants to mention that they have something they're welcome to, as long as it's legal. Down the line when we grow we can look at creating a more structured place to do it.
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            Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

            Yeah sounds very fair. I was just reading over the SeaBay bit, but i didnt mean as an auction site. I meant as a sort of

            FOR SALE
            CADET SHOES SIZE 7
            ?10 (or make me an offer)
            PM me etc.
            Not a bidding war.

            But i understand about taking things as they come, totally understandable.


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              Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

              Well, judging by the list of rules and disclaimers and blacklists on that link, it looks like a world of hurt if not handled correctly... so I'd rather either do it properly or not at all.
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                Re: Buy, Sell, Trade Section

                Why not just put it on ebay and put a link to the item on here?

                And then when the item's sold, remove the post...


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