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  • [DISMISSED] Companies

    I know you have College splits on here, how about company splits ? Maybe group a few together so you wont be over run by a million different threads. Just a thought.

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    Re: Companies

    I second this, that way it would be easier for those in the same company to give advice and for people to get relevant and specific answers, as opposed to generic ones for the whole merchant navy.


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      Re: Companies

      Easier said than done, we have discussed this several times in fact. The main reason for not going down this route is because there are waaaaay too many companies to start separate forums for each, but there's nowt to stop people starting company specific threads in the questions forum.


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        Re: Companies

        are there really that many companies for cadets?

        You could split it down to triaining providers then within them you can ask company specific questions.

        Though a thread headed with the company in a more open forum is possibley better as ther are a good number of qualified officers who have "been around a bit" and might be able to help out. Last 4th I had had been in 7 companies since his cadetship, ever stopping for more than 2 trips........but that is a whole different story
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          A solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

          We unimplemented this idea shortly after initially implementing it, because it's a bad idea. Company cliques are not really productive - we want to share... the forum was founded on that principle: unite the disciplines (deck & engine, electro etc...); unite the sponsees; unite cadets and officers; have a bigger forum; have an active forum; share more knowledge - everyone's a winner.

          By all means ask again, but please wait until there are at least 100 members of a few sponsoring organisations (bear in mind that the majority of them won't even be online most of the time!), otherwise it's pointless. For a start, we don't even have people from every sponsor/employer on here, so it's a little premature! There aren't even that many company-specific threads: a company-specific sub-forum would be pretty empty.
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