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Not able to send PM's

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  • Not able to send PM's

    I've been trying to send PM's to both 'Billiwillis' and 'Size4rigger', and it seems to only be sending quotes to what i am replying too, or just sending nothing at all ! Becoming rather irritating.

    I've tried this in both quick response and the other option
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    Have you tried deleting the quote from your reply box?

    Failing that have you tried clicking on their username on a post and selecting the 'private message' function

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      Yeah I have, it seems to just keep sending the quote back to them, or just sending nothing at all still
      Life at sea is a life for me


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        I can confirm this! Maybe an admin could log into his account and see what's happening? Brimbo, for this we may need your password, so maybe change it to something you don't normally use for this purpose and when it's been resolved you can change it back, I reckon H may be the best bet here, he's our resident techie! So wait until he's online. Sorry I can't help myself, but I'm not all that good with the techie stuff


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          Hmmm this has me perplexed... All looks ok on the admin side with your account settings. Might be an idea to try what S4 says. Would you mind me changing your password to login and have a play about? Am off the sleepyland so will check back tomorrow.
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            Brimbo, can you try this again please? I have updated a few settings.
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