is aimed mainly at:
a) Aspiring merchant navy cadets from the United Kingdom and Ireland,
b) Current cadets within the UK/Irish "system", and
c) Serving and retired merchant navy "maritime" (i.e. deck and technical) officers.

Our membership includes all of the above, along with sponsoring company staff, training centre staff and representatives of various merchant navy organisations.

Our membership also includes people under the age of 18.

With the above in mind, these are the forum's "standing orders":

Standing Orders

1. Treat every person with respect.
Please don't: "flame", degrade, embarrass, bully, harass, or make inappropriate comments or statements. This includes any statements of a derogatory or derisory nature that highlight another user's gender, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, physical capability, choice of sponsoring company or training centre and physical location. Keep any criticism as balanced as possible and try to be polite.

2. Respect people's privacy.
Users of the forum should consider each post and ensure that you do not compromise anybody's right to privacy. This includes using the actual names of members unless that member has made it clear that they are happy to share this information and posting names of individual staff within sponsoring companies, training centres etc...

3. Don't post what's not yours, or freely available.
This includes: college notes, exam papers, exam answers, company literature or information that is not freely available to those not associated with that company etc... Do not post answers to tutorials or assignments. Discussion of the general form of a question and asking for help is fine, just don't ask people to do your assignments for you and don't try to be clever by giving out the answers.

4. Watch what you say.
We do not screen new members. This is an entirely public forum and posts may be read by anybody. While some sections of the forum are accessible to members only, this does not mean that that section is completely confidential. Please don't allow the freedom and assumed anonymity of the internet to cloud your judgement when making posts. Specifically, grievances about specific and named sponsoring companies, training centres or any of their representatives should not be posted on a public forum - these matters should be raised with the organisation concerned or a trade union, where appropriate.

5. Keep it clean.
Please be mindful of the fact that we have visitors who are under the age of 18. Pornography and links to obscene content are not acceptable. Swearing is discouraged but not prohibited. Swearing for swearing's sake is not permitted, though the use of such words in normal conversation (as you would in spoken conversation) is permitted. Interpretation of this rule is at the discretion of the moderators.

6. No spamming or advertising.
Advertising on this site is by agreement of the admin team only. You may include links to non-commercial sites in your proile or signature, such as blogs or other social media.

The Consequences

If a moderator or admin becomes aware of a breach of any of the standing orders, they will use their discretion to decide the appropriate action. For minor offences, we will use the following system:

Stage 1
An "infraction" noted on the forum system. You will be notified of this by private message and the mod/admin will explain the reason why the warning has been issued and the specific order above that has been breached. The offending content will also be edited or deleted. One infraction point will be noted against your account and remain valid for three months.

Stage 2
Where three infraction points are active on your account, you will be banned for a period considered suitable by the individual moderator.

Stage 3
Continuing breaches of the forum guidelines will result in a permanent ban.

For more serious matters, a permanent ban may be issued immediately.

Also remember that distributing non-free material or bringing an organisation into disrepute may be grounds for disciplinary proceedings, dismissal or expulsion from your sponsoring company or training centre.

So, to sum it up, play nice!