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User option update and Usergroups

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  • User option update and Usergroups

    Hi Everyone

    For those of you already registered and those new to the forum there is now a new user field option on profiles.

    If you wish, you can display what your current status is, ie an aspiring deck cadet, a qualified officer or a cadet. There is also an option for company training officers and college lecturers.

    This field is optional, so if you don't want to display it you don't have to.

    To choose your current field simply go to My Profile ---> Edit Profile and select your option.

    Additionally we are working on creating usergroups for different training providers, companies, colleges and more. These will also be optional with no obligations to join.

    Some of the new changes will take time to implement so bear with us.

    In the mean time, if there is anything you would feel would be a good addition to the board please create a thread in the Support and Suggestions forum. All opinions will be considered, if you really think it's worthwhile.

    Best Regards


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