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    I like this new forum setup but one thing I do miss from the old style is the 'unread posts' link. As I look at this site quite often I found it most useful to just click on this to see what had been added since the last time I looked rather than scan down the list. This new posts link only shows additions from the last 12 hrs or so (I think) so is not quite as useful. I am not complaining it's just an observation so please don't think I am moaning, (also, I have just noticed that the curser line when you type does not pulse, I kept thinking my computer has frozen!)

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    Agree with the above - the new posts since last visit was a good feature!


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      Hey blind people it is there at the top of the page under the bit that says "Forum" button clearly marked "New Posts"...............
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        But is that "new to you" or just new in past couple of days - when you read a thread in old forum it disapeared from list til there was a new post! The new versions the post seems to hang around.

        Lol sure it is being sorted just being a moaning sod about something "new"!!!